Behind the Museum

The Pottery Museum in Raeren Castle as a virtual "doll's house"


The project Behind the Museum is a joint initiative of the Belgian associations Musées et Société en Wallonie and Epicentro with the aim of showing the hidden in museums, preserving the memory of a place and also preserving the cultural heritage for the future.

In January 2021, the Raeren Pottery Museum was the first and so far only museum in the German-speaking community to get the chance to take part in this project as well: The entire museum was digitized and is now ready to be visited from home in the form of a digital "doll's house".

The virtual tour created in this way is intended for every age group, but is also intended to make the museum accessible to people to whom it was previously closed - especially people with limited mobility, for whom the listed building is difficult to visit without a lift. At the same time, however, places are also shown that are not accessible to the normal visitor, such as the museum magazine in the attic with its impressive roof structure from the 16th century.

Interviews with employees of the museum and the Ministry of the German-speaking community provide an additional look behind the scenes by introducing certain museum and archaeological professions and tasks. Short texts, videos and pictures allow deeper multimedia insights into the contents and collections of the museum in more than 100 places. The visit can of course be interrupted at any time and resumed at the same or another place. The project is currently only available in German and in French; however, other languages will follow.

Discover the Raeren Pottery Museum from the perspective of "Behind the Museum":